Resource Mapping of Assam

By Industries & Commerce Department (Government of Assam)

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The idea of a Resource Mapping Exercise occurred to comprehend the availability and distribution of raw materials and human resources in the region. Proposal for Multidisciplinary Skills Development Centers (MDSD) and formulation of a new State Industrial Policy effective from 2013, have finally triggered to bring about the exercise.

About the survey

Raw Material

Assam has an abundance of natural rescouces but many of them are yet to be engaged industriously. Apart from tea, agar wood oil of Assam too enjoys international brand equity. Assam accounts for the highest production of non-mulberry silk, muga and eri.

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Human Resource

The pursuit for progress in industries, cannot be made unless there is skilled/trained manpower in the State. Government of Assam strongly fells that strengthening the linkages between educational Instutions and Industries provides the much needed synergy.

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General Infrustructure

In order to increase the economic growth rate, creation of the right industrial environment is necessary. Sound infra-structure with easy access to key utilities like road connectivity, quality power supply, markets etc. will create a dream climate for investors.

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